adidas launch their fastest football boot ever with immersive virtual experience

Today, adidas announce the launch of X Speedflow—their fastest football boot to date—with a series of films and a virtual launch event created by The Marketing Store.

X Speedflow is a revolutionary innovation in speed that delivers a multidimensional combination of explosive propulsion, radical agility and zero distraction instinctive fit​.

The teaser film, created by The Marketing Store and featuring Leo Messi, was released on July 13th, directing consumers to a virtual immersive launch event steaming live on on July 20th.

The film shows Leo Messi sending the adidas product design team an email with a brief for a new boot; a boot that will make him ‘faster in all directions’. At the same time, we see 100s of emails from other adidas X players drop in as we dive into an adidas product designer’s mind and see how she dreamt up the new X Speedflow boot, before it is handed to Leo. Not only does the film showcase every design detail of the boot and the performance it delivers, but it also serves as an invitation to the event premiere the following week.

This is supported by a product film, currently live on adidas football’s social channels, as well as a series of retail activations in adidas flagship stores. A series of posts from partner clubs, players and media partners will also drive consumers to the launch. The focus of this pre-launch phase is to demonstrate the product innovation behind the new boot through immersive storytelling.

Consumers can tune into the launch live at at 6pm GMT on the 20th of July.

Andy Taylor, Chief Creative Officer, The Marketing Store said:

“The new X Speedflow boot is a first for adidas — designed to enhance acceleration, adapt to deliver speed in any direction and take away any distractions — allowing perfect harmony between mind, body and boot; for an athlete to find the flow in their game — a state of mind and play we call ‘speedfulness’.

Another first for the world of football is the way we are launching the boot, with a ten minute online event where we journey into the minds of some of the fastest players on the planet, with one very special guest.“

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