Andy Taylor featured in MediaCat on marketing strategy

tms's Chief Creative Officer, Global Portfolio Andy Taylor was featured in MediaCat's "Stop Idol: kill the idea of mega celeb as marketing strategy." He discusses the concept of shifting idols in marketing, arguing that brands should often move away from a mega celebrity approach to attract consumers who are more knowledgeable than ever before. 


"...Social creativity has had a massive impact on brands, and an era where anyone who doesn’t put their customers first is falling behind. Effective brand communications are all about developing a dialogue and what the consumer experiences — and where the most inspired creativity emerges out of a collaborative spirit. At the same time, the very notion of who is an idol is shifting," Andy said in the piece.



Andy Taylor

Andy Taylor is CCO, Global Portfolio at tms. Prior to joining he was consultant ECD at ODD, and ECD at Iris Worldwide. He has also held senior creative roles within the Engine Group and VCCP.


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