Boxer Brand Design creates packaging for McDonald’s, White House, and HHS “We Can Do This” campaign

The Marketing Store's Boxer Brand Design team is proud to support and play a role in the partnership between McDonald’s and The White House and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to promote their national “We Can Do This” campaign. This program makes access to information on vaccines even easier for the millions of customers who enjoy McDonald’s each day in the U.S.


Beginning in July, hot McCafé® cups and McDelivery® seal stickers will feature “We Can Do This” art and encourage customers to visit for more information, including on how to find an appointment near them, if they choose. As McDonald’s packaging agency, Boxer was asked to determine how to best incorporate the campaign’s messaging and logo onto the brand’s cups and stickers. The team recommended a full takeover to make the biggest impact, so customers would really notice there’s something different about the normally iconic yellow McCafé® cup. 


Other elements of the McDonald’s campaign include:

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