Cutting down our digital carbon footprints: Earth Day 2021

Despite the dramatic drop in human CO2 emissions we saw in 2020, we are still producing huge amounts of carbon. As individuals and businesses we should do all we can to help reduce our emissions, because what we do today can have an impact on the planet for hundreds and thousands of years to come.

That’s why we at The Marketing Store are focusing on our own carbon footprint, in particular our digital one. After working from home for over a year now, it’s been something we’ve become even more aware of. For many it’s something we don’t think about, but every time we visit a website, send an email or a GIF,  we are emitting a small amount of CO2.

The collective implication of the globe’s digital usage is more than we could imagine — estimated to be 3% of the globe’s greenhouse gas emissions (higher than aviation’s global impact of 2%!)

As individuals we can all make small tweaks that can drive change. Below we’ve outlined 5 ways you can help reduce your digital footprint and #CutBackOnCarbon

1. Clean your inbox and unsubscribe from unwanted newsletters 

2. When you’re online, close the tabs you’re not using

3. Download instead of stream 

4. Use bookmarks to avoid researching

5. Switch video to ‘play on demand’/ turn off autoplay 

Whether the changes you make are big or small, the most important thing you can do... is do something. Afterall, we all have a role to play in making the planet better for future generations.

But that’s not all we’re doing. 

This Earth Day (April 22nd) we’re hosting a virtual panel discussion to explore how businesses can better support a sustainable lifestyle in and outside of the workplace. 

Register to join us, or watch the webinar back on demand here.


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