Feeling lost about how to be an ally? 6 ways to do better.

As a follow up to a recent feature in Built In Chicago, Senior Account Executive and North America Inclusion Team Lead at The Marketing Store Aly Rumel offers insight into how to be a better ally in the workplace. Check it out below and read the full article originally published here.


Build a Celebratory Space.

“Creating an environment where people don’t just feel safe to show up authentically, but also feel celebrated for bringing their authentic selves to the conversation enables teams to produce highly impactful work that reminds each of us of our common humanity. 


The challenge for leaders is recognizing that showing up authentically is a risky and radical act for many employees who already must work hard to simply occupy space in a corporate system that was built by, and for, a fraction of the population.


If you already have the privilege of safely bringing your whole self to work, you have the responsibility to extend that right to others. How? Consistently hold space, listen and wait. Then when people feel safe and begin showing up — celebrate.”

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