If not now, when? 5 opportunities for brands to shape their future

There were the things that should have been but weren’t: birthday parties, graduations, weddings. And the things that were but shouldn’t have been: unnecessary consumption, the fragmentation of community values, environmental harm.

As the world begins to recalibrate, public opinion appears ready for positive change, shaped by a desire to create more things that should have been, but rarely were: awareness, empathy, justice. 

For brands that want to shape the future, now is the time to replace rhetoric with action. 

But what are the opportunities for growth and how do you navigate them?

At the Marketing Store, we’ve interviewed a cross-section of European consumers to understand how their beliefs and behaviours have changed, and identified 5 key areas for brands to focus on.

Our findings have informed a detailed new research report—If Not Now, When?—released on the 4th November.

From putting proof behind your purpose, to building communities based on co-creation; rethinking your customer profiles, to navigating ethical consumerism, the report explores the best way to drive innovation through action.

...Because if not now, when?

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