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Today, we are experiencing the greatest disruption to our society in a lifetime.  This is having—and will continue to have—a profound impact on our industry.


It’s imperative that brands understand how customers are thinking, feeling and acting during this time, so that they can make informed, appropriate decisions and avoid the many faux-pas that have hit the press or caused a social media backlash in recent days. 


At present, many governments are exploring a three-wave plan to ‘suppress the curve’, with thelongest wave—the one we are currently in—expected to cause the most disruption. Using our consumer trends analysis platform and the Kübler-Ross Change Curve, we have translated the social distancing policies we are seeing at a governmental level into what to expect at consumer-behaviour level, mapping out different consumer mood states over time.


From initial shock, through denial, frustration, depression, experiment, decision and integration, we’ve figured out how consumers are likely to react and how their interactions with/expectations ofbrands will change as a result. We’ve then created some practical, prescriptive advice that retail brands and their agencies can implement to remain consumer-centric in this unprecedented time.


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