The Marketing Store celebrates the launch of Space Jam: A New Legacy with sustainable Happy Meal programme

The Looney Tunes gang are back, and they’ve brought slam-dunk superstar Lebron James with them!


Our new Happy Meal programme at McDonald’s UK celebrates the launch of Space Jam: A New Legacy and invites kids on a journey where teamwork, acceptance and basketball skills save the day. A variety of fiber/plush-based toys make up this program’s starting line-up, made up of 4 pop-up skill games, 4 plush basket balls, 2 card games, and 2 activity sets.


In an effort to produce less waste, the packaging for this program has been designed to offer many additional uses, such as instant pop-up and play skill games, storage for game pieces and pencils, a 2-part card game, a sticker poster, and an instruction sheet for play.


With their Happy Meal, kids can scan the smile on the box to play 3 games on the McDonald’s app, created by R/GA. There will also be 2 Space Jam activity sheets available on the McDonald’s Family Hub.


As part of McDonald’s UK’s Book or Toy programme, there are 2 Looney Tunes books available: The 24 Carat Rabbit and The Kidnap of Tweety.


Space Jam: A New Legacy comes to Happy Meal today (July 21st) until September 7th, so take your shot into the Looneyverse and don’t miss out!


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