The Marketing Store launches BoConcept’s 2021 ‘Any Style As Long As It’s Yours’ campaign

We're thrilled to announce that our latest campaign for Danish furniture and lifestyle brand BoConcept has just launched across print, OOH, digital display, social, website and CRM.

Running in 64 markets and of course BoConcept’s 281 stores, Any Style As Long As It’s Yours’ celebrates the freedom of self-expression BoConcept provides to consumers every day through their industry-leading customisation and Interior Design Service.

Demands on the home are at an all-time high, functioning as an office, gym, classroom, spa and more. During times of lockdown, family members will share their space for an unprecedented number of hours per day. Add to the mix the rise of urbanisation, and its reduction of living spaces in cities, and you can clearly see why space-efficiency is the must-have home improvement for 2021.

BoConcept are addressing this new demand for a harder working home with a new array of multifunctional and space-saving designs, as well as a new capsule collection, inspired by small, high-demand rooms. As ever, practically everything, including storage, beds, tables, chairs and sofas, can be tailored to the consumer’s taste and needs through size, colour, material, features and over 120 fabrics.

Additionally, the brand will add to its wealth of guidance content for consumers with new-season styling and space-saving tips. A new content series will also see inspirational customers showcase their homes, demonstrating how they have used BoConcept's Interior Design Service to own their style and create a personal space.

Andy Taylor, Executive Creative Director, The Marketing Store Europe said:

“Any Style As Long As It’s Yours is the next evolution in the brand story for BoConcept, and builds on the brand platform which encourages customers to Live Ekstraordinær. The stunning visuals feature Unique Models’ Thea Salander using furniture, clothing and props to depict how her style and self-expression is brought to life with the help of BoConcept’s industry-leading customisation service.”

Paula Mc Guinness, Chief Marketing Officer, BoConcept said:

“The home has never had to do so much. The good news is we are uniquely positioned to help consumers handle it all in style. Multifunctionality and customisability have been integral parts of our design DNA for decades. And our Interior Designers have been helping consumers create a personal home for close to 15 years. So, you could say we have been preparing for this moment for quite some time. We look forward to launching Any Style As Long As It’s Yours, another chapter in our 69-year story and a compelling reason to choose BoConcept.”

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