The Marketing Store launches first paper Happy Meal campaign for McDonald's

This month, The Marketing Store’s UK team is launching their first paper-only product for McDonald's Happy Meal: Top Trumps.

In an exciting move, that is in line with McDonald’s broader sustainability commitments in the UK, all of the Happy Meal premiums from Top Trumps onwards will be fibre-based toys , soft toys or books. Additionally, all UK Happy Meal premiums will now include instructive messages to help consumers recycle both the packaging and the premium. To develop these, our team engaged closely with the UK’s key recycling specialists, OPRL (On-Pack Recycling Label) and Wrap, to agree on the best recycling messages.

Top Trumps is a popular children’s trading card game in the UK that has been around for more than forty years. There are a number of different editions, each one packed full of facts and stats. For McDonald's, our teams worked with Top Trumps licensor Winning Moves to develop 10 different card games based on the standard game, but adapted them to fit Happy Meal’s aged 4 to 6-year-old audience.

The exclusive campaign, which launches on the 13th of January and will run until the 16th of February, consists of card decks featuring animals from all over the globe, allowing children the opportunity to bring animals to life outside of the cards, while also discovering new facts about them.

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