We believe that diversity across all areas of our business is critical and that a diverse business can only be realized when we create access and equity for all. As such, we aim to build a culture that fosters inclusion and belonging.


We recognize that we have much work to do, but we believe by taking this approach and prioritizing action, we can build a business where all employees are empowered to do their best work and show up as their most authentic selves.


This is our mission. This is how we commit to getting there:


EDUCATION: Learning and development

All employees will undertake the first stages of inclusion training over the next year, including recruitment bias training and training on microaggression. Inclusion training will become part of our ongoing mandatory training programs


REPRESENTATION: Globally connected

Our regional inclusion teams are empowered to create inclusive solutions and foster an inclusive culture within their workplaces. They are responsible for providing inclusion output and/or guidance across four core workstreams: culture, communications, acts of inclusion and measuring progress. They also form a global inclusion team to ensure global connectivity.


TRANSPARENCY: A feedback loop

We will set a baseline for where we are now and how we want to improve by the end of 2020 and beyond. We will roll out tools to better listen in 2021 across our business globally. We will regularly communicate our progress starting immediately.


REVIEW: Policies and processes

Complaints reporting

We will review and publish clear guidelines on complaints reporting by end of July 2020. Our People teams will undergo further training by end of 2020.


Recruitment process

We will implement a bias indicator tool across the business to help alleviate bias in our job descriptions. We will engage with external community partners, programs and/or platforms, and diversify our talent pipelines by December 2020. 


Promotion protocol

We will engage an inclusive team to design and launch a promotion protocol by end of 2020, making sure we operate fairly and consistently throughout our business. 


ACCELERATE: Opportunities for career development 

We will launch a global skills building program by October 2020. We will introduce a reverse mentoring program that encourages mutual learning, guidance and sponsorship in 2021.


COMMUNITY:  Supporting others

We will celebrate and amplify the underrepresented and use our platforms to do this. We will support minority owned businesses where possible.


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