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adidas believe football has the power to change lives, and they wanted to leverage this belief to win the hearts and minds of ‘Football Creators’ —16-25-year-old social influencers who don’t engage with traditional media.

With a focus on London, a highly competitive market for the brand, we needed to put adidas front of mind for this audience when it came to recommendation and intent to purchase.


Our research revealed  that 'Football Creators' reject those who tell them how to create, but respect influencers who’ve made it themselves.

So we created Creator Base—a first-of-its kind experience, that saw us invite young Creators to receive exclusive mentorship from their role models to help them shatter the barriers that prevent them from achieving their life goals. 

Football, art, music, opinion and opportunity collided over 5 days, as Creators were offered the inspiration, tools and introductions to help them express themselves, shape culture, deconstruct prejudices and progress their ambitions.

Every part of the event was created by our audience: from the branding, to the adidas boots and shirts they wore. They even created the football pitch they played on!


Almost 3,000 Creators visited the base and the content they created generated over 17.1m views across social channels.

In a key competitve market for adidas, Creator Base contributed to improved NPS scores against recommendation and intention to purchase.  


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