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For over 25 years we have worked with McDonald’s to ensure a consistent brand message and seamless customer experience across their ever-growing portfolio of in store channels and services.


McDonald’s brand promise to ‘make delicious feel-good moments easy for everyone’, can be effectively communicated as an emotional TV ad or a clever digital billboard. But the real moment of truth for the 1.3 billion customers in the UK and Ireland every year, who may or may not have seen that awareness message, occurs in-restaurant.


There’s no point promising customers feel-good moments, if you don’t follow through on it. Every pain-point and mixed message translates into a negative experience that hurts the brand.


So our goal is to maximise their ‘Feel-Good’ promise in every one of the brand’s personal interactions with the billions of customer experiences across all 1,400 restaurants.



We observe thousands of customers each year to understand how they interact with in-restaurant touchpoints.

We then audit every piece of messaging into Navigational, Functional, Product or Brand messages and employ a ‘Highway Code’ of visual language to their design; colour coded to be instantly recognisable and to drive customer behaviours. 

All unnecessary existing signs are removed and all others are plotted against our bespoke ‘Feel-Good spectrum’ and redesigned, or completely reimagined, to ensure they have the appropriate level of visual playfulness, personality and tone, dependent on their primary purpose. 

 Meanwhile, partners and stakeholders alike are equipped and empowered to drive these changes in store through our interactive online microsite, which features an interactive 3D walk-through of best-practice ‘Feel Good design’ and optimised messaging in a restaurant environment.



Whether a customer orders in-restaurant or in the Drive-Thru, at the ordering screens or front counter, they always get the same feel-good experience.

Each year, we create that same seamless in-store experience for 1.3 billion UK customers, a scale no other marketing channel could hope to reach. 


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