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BoConcept is a Danish furniture and lifestyle brand. Over 70 years it has evolved from humble beginnings in rural Jutland to become a true global player, with close to 300 stores in 65 countries. But despite its rich heritage and beautiful designs, it was getting lost amongst the Scandinavian sea of sameness that floods the industry. 

We needed to identify where its product and service propositions intersected with consumers’ contemporary needs. Then redefine the brand architecture, from purpose to platform.    



Society tends to favour those who are like everyone else. Conformity can often feel like the bedrock of success, so we can sometimes abandon self-expression to fit in. But BoConcept says forget fitting in. As a brand, they fundamentally believe you shouldn’t be anyone else but yourself.

BoConcept supports this with their Customisation & Co-ordination and Interior Design Service, which means that their products are as unique as the people that enjoy them. As we say, “We don’t all fit into boxes, so why does our furniture come in them?”.

Taking this insight, purpose, product and service truths, we crafted a new brand platform. Live Ekstraordinær is our belief, with a little Danish Wink, that you shouldn’t be anyone but yourself. Because when you are – and you express it fully – life is extraordinary.

To date we have completely reengineered BoConcept’s brand archicture. We have delivered their all-encompassing new guidelines, The Book of Ekstraordinær, which includes a completely fresh and distinct visual style. We created a powerful purpose-infused film, broadcast across their social channels. And the platform is now underpinning all campaign development, retail experience and partnerships.



Our purpose and platform will influence the company and brand for the next decade. The commitment to Live Ekstraordinær has been adopted by every facet of the business globally, embraced by a franchisee model excited by its limitless potential. 

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