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February is the most challenging month for McDonald’s Australia in terms of driving traffic. Consumers are getting back into routines, and McDonald’s falls off their priorities.

We needed to drive immediate traffic into restaurants, as well as increase usage of the mymacca’s app. We needed something exciting and different from our competitors, which would compel people to engage more with the mymacca’s app.   



We created Macca’s Mini Games, a hub of bite-sized entertainment which gave people a reason to keep returning to the mymacca’s app. 

First up, we gave them a reason to come back each day. They were awarded daily offers of iconic Macca’s faves, wrapped in an exciting gamified experience. Users could choose one of three instant games which would lead them to their daily offer of free or discounted Macca’s faves in a matter of seconds. 

Secondly, we gave them a reason to stay. We created a full-length mobile game called Macca’s Run, featuring 24 levels of obstacles in a world full of oversized iconic Macca’s food items. Level completion within Macca’s Run would earn them game tokens into a real-world cash prize draw. This drove engagement, talkability and dwell time within the mymacca’s app!



The game was a runaway success! Over 900,000 app users signed up for the experience. 73% of users returned to the experience. 

38% redeemed at least one food prize, driving immediate traffic into McDonald’s restaurants. 19% redeemed more than one food prize.

Users spent an average of 17 minutes per session, in large part due to our full-length mobile game, Macca’s Run. 

59% played Macca’s Run – completing an average of 11 levels each. That’s over 6,000,000 levels completed.

17% of our Macca’s Run players made a Mobile Order & Pay Transaction. 10% of them made more than one Mobile Order & Pay Transaction.


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