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The lines between physical and digital retail are becoming increasingly blurred.  Online experiences are dictating consumers’ physical expectations—and now most bricks and mortar retailers understand that ‘experience’ is the key to competing with ecommerce.

Our task was to explore how to blend creativity and technology to enhance BoConcept's in-store experience. 


Research revealed that customers who understand and purchase BoConcept's design and customisation services believe the brand offers fantastic value for its quality, and become loyal advocates. However, as we knew that most in-store customers would be browsing, we needed to challenge the perception that these services are complex or expensive.

We also needed to challenge customers' learned behaviour that the way to browse is by interacting with products, because experience isn't made up of products. It's made up of stories. 

The first service to consider was BoConcept’s interior design service—they have some of the best stylists in the business, who can tease tastes and thoughts out of you that you either didn’t know existed or couldn’t articulate. They then take those tastes and thoughts and open your mind to the possibilities of your space, recommending how you might transform it, one item at a time, or all at once. 

Second was their amazing customisation and coordination service—an almost limitless ability to tailor products to your individual needs, whether in terms of size, style, colour or material.   

So, we created in-store ‘experience points’ designed to bring these services to life through stories and demonstrate that the store is the space where the transformation to extraordinary living begins.


Following the success of the Japan launch, the Store Ekstraordinær format has been launched in Europe and North America, and will continue to inform the future of BoConcept’s retail experience.

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