EUROPE Weetabix


Brand Identity & Packaging


As a leading UK breakfast cereal, Weetabix was popular with parents but failing to excite their kids, who were drawn to the cartoon mascots of its unhealthier competitors.

To combat the idea that Weetabix was a ‘boring’ breakfast and drive engagement among children, we were asked to create a sales promotion campaign that demonstrated the brand’s variety in a fun, light-hearted way.


To excite parents and kids over Weetabix’s versatility, we introduced the ‘Weetabuddies’—a series of characters created by decorating the biscuits with fruit and toppings—and encouraged kids to to create their own in order to win prizes.

With their own range of toys and a partnership with Cartoon Network, Weetabuddies became an iconic asset for the brand.

Thanks to its alignment to retailers’ health agendas, it became an example of best-practice in category, consistently pushing the boundaries of retail marketing.

The activity earned extensive front-of-store space and innovative media—from promotional stickers on fruit, to featuring prize-winning Weetabuddies in above-the-line TV spots.


The first campaign delivered Weetabix’s highest sales volume in 2 years, and highest ever brand equity score.

The second year saw penetration increase year-on-year and we secured 100% more store displays than forecasted.

To top it all, research showed that the Weetabuddies became more loved than Coco Pops’ Coco the Monkey!


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