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In July 2021, adidas launched a revolution in football boot design and thinking: X Speedflow.

A new boot. A game changer. adidas needed a world-wide launch for X that would cut through Gen-Z attention and drive sales. So, they appointed The Marketing Store as the lead global creative agency to craft the strategy and the creative concept.

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To launch X Speedflow, we knew we needed to shift the thinking from how fast a boot makes your feet to how fast it can make your mind. Pure mind and body synchronicity. The greatest speed accessible to all — we call this ‘Speedfulness’ — a boot that makes you think as fast as you run.

How did we do it? In the first-ever live broadcast event hosted on, we taught the world how to be faster in real time during a mind-bending virtual exploration of what speedfulness means. We took a journey into the minds of the world’s fastest players, from Leo Messi to Karim Benzema, tapping into the biggest roster of athletes that the brand has collected under one franchise.

The experience featured into a new state of fast. No pauses. No rest. A continuous tour-de-force of speed and technology leading to a crescendo — a deep and surreal dive into the mind of the G.O.A.T. — Leo Messi.

Watch for yourself.  


This experience has earned 90 million completed views (and counting) on


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